My First Unboxing

Hello, hello!

After months of contemplation and procrastination–I’ve finally decided to open up a personal blog. I didn’t intend to open up my blog until next year (which isn’t very far from now), but due to unforeseen circumstances I’ve decided to open up early!

If you’re curious about what those circumstances were… I got my first shipment from yesterday!


The box came in a cute hot pink pouch!

I’d been seeing ads for this Korean makeup site for some time now, but it was only until a couple of weeks ago that I came around to ordering from the site.

Though this shipment was scheduled to arrive within this week, it arrived earlier than expected last weekend. Amazing, considering that it came all the way from Korea.


serenity +  snowflakes

This holiday season, all Althea orders come with an equally adorable box and card (plus a promo code that you can share with friends & family) that really bring out your Christmas spirit. The cute polar bear, trees, and snowflakes made me feel like I was opening a present while unboxing my shipment!


In this case I was able to order 4 products from several different brands: a primer, a wash off mask, sun cream, and a lip tint (which isn’t actually mine, but a co-worker’s) all at once.

Although it’s not like Althea’s usual pre-selected, curated, or surprise boxes, the whole idea of being able to put together your own box with the products that you need made it exciting! Eventually, I’ll get to sharing my opinions on the products that I bought (sans the lip tint)–after trying them out over the holidays.


me  & my cute box post-unboxing

My suggestion is to wait it out and collate all the things you need to take advantage of Althea’s free shipping fee for orders over P999. It’s an equally good idea to group order with friends, family, and co-workers, which I did recently for a last-minute purchase. That way, there’s no need to wait too long and pay an individual shipping fee to get that one thing that you really need.

For now, I’m going to go try out (and hopefully enjoy!) the products that I just bought–but I may or may not be already (not-so-secretly) planning out my next order.

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