Kylie Holiday Edition Mini-mattes

A (late) Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!

I’m back with a review post this time around, where I’ll be swatching and evaluating some of the matte liquid lipsticks from Kylie’s Holiday Edition mini kit! As mentioned, this kit is a part of the Kylie Holiday Edition collection, which was released in the US last November 21 to ring in the Christmas season.

I actually received this set a day before my Althea box arrived (December 18), but had to delay swatching and reviewing each lippie up to this point due to my (sadly) busy work schedule.


opening the silver box to find the equally-silver liquid lipstick tubes!

Kylie’s products are slightly pricier than other competing products in the market (I bought my mini kit set for a little over PHP 2000), but supposedly boasts a much better formulation in comparison. Aside from this set, I also own the Pumpkin lipkit from the fall collection…which I may swatch at a later point in time.

The kit contains 6 different liquid lipsticks–4 from Kylie’s permanent collection and 2 exclusive holiday shades in mini form! The tubes, according to the box are 0.65ml each, which is around the size of my palm…just the right size to try each lippie out.


(L-R) Moon • Ginger • Kristen • Angel • Love Bite • Vixen

I swatched each of the lipsticks on my arm first before trying them out on my lips. My first observation was that the wand / applicator is fairly easy to use and absorbs an ample amount of the product, preventing any waste. The consistency of the product is a thin and light cream (more similar to Colourpop’s formulation than NYX’s matte lip cremes) and usually, one swipe is enough to apply a full layer of the product on the lips. However, certain shades will need an additional dip or two depending on the level of pigmentation and coverage needed on the lips. Additionally, drying time for the lippies is around a minute, so you have to work fast when applying this product to your lips!



I tried out the 6 lippies in the order that they were arranged in the box, so I began with Moon.

Moon is a taupe-y nude originally released last October along with the rest of the fall collection, but was recently added into Kylie’s permanent collection. The cool grey tone had me nervous at first, but my mind changed after the product had dried on my lips because of the fact that it became darker. Moon is definitely not an everyday sort of shade, but a highly usable shade for me.



The second lippie I tried on was Ginger. Ginger was released as a part of the summer collection with two other lippies in July but is now one of Kylie’s mainstay shades. I actually was able to try Ginger before receiving the mini kit because my aunt had gotten it when it was originally released. It’s a warm terracotta brown that I was also a bit apprehensive about at first, but once I applied it to my lips I just fell in love with it! I didn’t think that I would look very good in orange-y brown shades but Ginger completely changed my view on them (+ it’s also one of the reasons why I ordered Pumpkin, which is one of my favorite shades from Kylie’s entire collection)



Next up was Kristen, a warm brown berry shade from the summer collection that has also made its way into Kylie’s permanent selection. Like Ginger, I had already tried Kristen prior to getting this set. In my opinion it’s one of those shades that almost anyone can use on a daily basis–since there’s no worry that you’ll be washed out or that it’s too drastic for the day time. Overall, I’m also a fan of this particular shade because it’s easy to wear and gives you that splash of color whenever you need it.



Fourth in the kit was the first of the two Holiday Edition exclusives: Angel. It’s a warm pinky nude that I was very excited about from the moment that Kylie released the teasers on Snapchat. Unfortunately, you can’t buy Angel as a single or as a lipkit. The shade is so exclusive for the time being that it only comes bundled in the full size 4-piece set or with the mini kit. Angel is definitely one of those everyday / MLBB (my lips, but better) lippies, and my favorite shade from the kit. It isn’t unlikely that if Kylie releases this as a single or as a lipkit I’m going to be one of those people who would buy it immediately.


Love Bite

Moving on to the darker shades, fifth in line was Love Bite, which was initially released in August along with Brown Sugar and Dirty Peach. Love Bite is a mauve colored lippie (although described on the website as a rich plum brown) and is said to be one of those universally flattering shades–meaning it works with almost all skin tones. Unlike the first four lippies that are a part of the set, Love Bite takes an extra dip and swipe due to its pigmented nature. It took me two swipes and a quick hand to be able to apply it perfectly (otherwise it would have come out patchy). Much like Moon, Love Bite will not be one of those daily / daytime shades for me, but I can definitely see myself wearing it during the night time with a bit more makeup.



Last but not least is Vixen, the second of the Holiday Edition exclusive shades in this kit! Vixen however, which is a blackened vampy plum / black cherry shade is available for purchase as a lipkit, unlike Angel. What I noticed about Vixen is that it is thicker in consistency as compared to the other 5 lippies in the kit. The product however, dries in the same way the other 5 liquid lipsticks do. Although it’s admittedly a bit harder to apply since it’s more pigmented than the rest (I took an extra dip and swipe like with Love Bite) the end result is quite interesting! In my opinion it’s a shade for those days that you don’t feel like being too nice and sweet, or a night time kind of shade.

Overall, I would recommend the Kylie matte lipsticks for the following reasons based on my experience with this Holiday collection:

  1. It doesn’t dry up my lips, feels very light, and doesn’t flake
  2. The product dries quickly (a minute or so) when applied
  3. It’s long wearing and it doesn’t transfer

I’m already waiting on the next collection, which is apparently in the works and coming out soon. Hopefully it will be as good as this one–and the rest of the existing shades that I have yet to swatch and write about.

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