Got7 Flight Log: Turbulence in Manila

Happy 2017, everyone!

Backtracking a bit to share my first and only concert experience for the year 2016. Last December 23, I attended Got7’s Flight Log: Turbulence in Manila as an early Christmas treat! The event was produced by Three Angles Productions and held at the Kia Theatre as a part of the group’s 2nd set of overseas fan meetings.


(L-R) Jackson, Youngjae, Yugyeom, Jinyoung, JB, Mark, Bambam

For those of you who don’t know, Got7 (갓세븐) is a Korean boy group that made their debut under JYP Entertainment (the same label that produced acts such as Wonder Girls, 2PM, Miss A, and more recently, TWICE) in the year 2014 with the song Girls Girls Girls. They are a 7-member group of different nationalities and ethnicities. The 7 members are: Mark Tuan a Taiwanese-American from the USA, Jackson Wang a Hong Kong national (and former National Representative for Fencing), BamBam from Thailand, and the Korean members JBJinyoungYoungjae, and Yugyeom.


Got7 performing the first song in their setlist for the night: Let Me

Unlike in their worldwide concert tour, the group performed a fewer number of songs and didn’t have any solo / unit special numbers. For the Manila leg of this tour, the group performed the following songs: Let Me, Boom x3, 노잼 (No Jam), 니가 하면 (If You Do), Fly, 하드캐리 (Hard Carry), and Home Run. All the songs listed are from their more recently released albums and EPs, the oldest being 니가 하면 (If You Do) which was released in 2015.


Jinyoung during their performance of Home Run

To be honest, I was a bit disappointed that the boys performed less than 10 songs. However, the plus side to it was that they had a greater chance to interact with their fans through question and answer portions, free talk sessions, and games. They played a total of two games: one as a group and the other with their fans!


lent one of my dolls to my seatmate

The first game was a “guess what’s in the box” game where the older members (Mark, JB, Jackson, and Junior) played against the younger members of the group (Youngjae, Bambam, and Yugyeom). Both teams were able to guess what was in their respective boxes, but the “Old Boys” team won after a deciding game of 가위, 바위, 보 (rock, paper, scissors).

The game with the fans was a speed quiz / charades. For this particular game, 7 lucky fans ended up pairing with the each of the boys via a lucky draw (they chose through  rows and seat numbers). Although there was a little bit of an incident with one fan (she wanted to be paired with another member instead of the one who had initially chosen her), the game proceeded quite smoothly. Bambam even chose an adorable 6-year old fan to be his partner for the game but in the end, Jackson and his fan partner won the game by successfully guessing all the words in their list, earning the girl a souvenir polaroid with all the members.


our photo with Got7! (notice the hands)

The fan meeting itself was around 2 hours long, but fans who seated in the VVIP section stayed an extra hour for an opportunity to get closer to the members. The additional session was divided into two: the hi-touch and the photo-op. Fans with tickets that had red stamp marks on the back had to wait a while for the photo-op, while those whose tickets were blank lined up for the hi-touch session. Initially, I didn’t have a red stamp on my ticket…but I was lucky enough that someone wanted to trade her ticket with mine!


me & Hikaru

While waiting for my group’s turn to take a photo, I got to meet and become closer to a Japanese iGOT7 named Hikaru. We sat together and I helped her by leading her to the areas that we were instructed to go to before the actual photo-op with Got7. Like me, her favorite member is Mark…but once we got to the stage we completely forgot about Mark thanks to Jackson holding our hands as we took the photo together. (Whoops.)

The only downside was that all forms of photos and videos were not allowed–including those taken via smartphones. Normally, concerts and events (even in Korea) disallow professional cameras for recording, but allow recording via phone. However, this event in particular, had some security personnel that were bordering on rude when it came to reprimanding fans for breaking the rule. I was able to take a few pictures on my phone in the beginning, luckily I was warned by one of the kinder security personnel to stop…after which I promptly stopped recording. Some fans on the other hand, got yelled at and got their phones grabbed from them without any prior warning about not being allowed to film via their smartphones. A lot of fans reportedly lost their phones–including some foreign fans who came to the Philippines just to enjoy the event.


Got7 bidding their fans goodbye with their signature hand gesture

Overall, the concert was a relatively and very exciting experience-I enjoyed because I was able to watch one of my favorite groups perform on stage, and to see that they were enjoying as well. The host said that Manila was one of the  most energetic and loud cities that they’ve visited so far while on tour. Hopefully I’ll get to see them perform again soon–on a bigger stage, surrounded by even more fans, but Flight Log: Turbulence was a great way to cap of my 2016.

To know more about Got7 and listen to their music, check out their Official YouTube channel and JYP Entertainment’s Official YouTube channel!

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