Unboxing: Althea Haul Number 2

Hi again everyone!

It’s been quite some time since I did my last unboxing-but I’m back this time around with another box from Althea.kr! The truth is, I’ve been doing a lot of online shopping, thanks to the advent of PayMaya. Often times I have to tell myself to exercise some restraint and self-control, but since it’s so easy to use I can’t help but make small purchases from time to time!

For those of you who aren’t aware yet, PayMaya is a prepaid / reloadable virtual credit card that has allowed me to do my online shopping without fear of fraudulent transactions suddenly appearing on my bill. I’ve been having a good and easy run with the virtual card so far, so it is still the card that I use for a portion of  my online transactions. All my Althea transactions so far have been done with this card!

So this order was actually an order that I placed during the Christmas season. I know, a bit of a backlog, and it wasn’t a very long gap between the first time I ordered from the site.

However, this time around my mom joined in and ordered some products as well! Luckily, there were a lot of good deals on the site and we were able to get a extra P300 off thanks to the mobile app opening promo.


like my first box, both of the boxes that arrived were holiday-themed!

I ordered a lot more this time around, but of course that was partly because my mom’s orders were in the box too. We split the eyebrow care serum (two for me, two for my mom), the Elizavecca Skin Liar Primer (one each), and the OLED cream (two for my mom and one for myself). All the lip care products were mine though since my lips have a tendency to dry up easily..


This time around however, I’ll be doing a quick review of all the products that I purchased in this box! So far, I’ve been able to try all of them at least once, but there are also products that I already use as a regular part of my makeup or skincare routine. I’ll be foregoing the Elizavecca Skin Liar primer, since I already reviewed it in my last post, but all the rest will be enumerated in the list below.

Here goes!

Product Name Rating + & – Points

C.O.C Eyeflower Eyebrow Care Serum

ratingsystem_4 + the product really makes fine eyebrow hairs and eyelashes thicker than they originally were

 i am still not too certain about whether or not the product makes the hairs longer

The Eyeflower serum is a serum that mildly promises to make hair strands thicker and longer than they originally were. I started using this product in the beginning of the year and I am still using it now. The packaging contains two tubes that are 10ml each-one has a mascara / spooly type of brush, while the other is an ordinary brush. I use the former to help my very sparse asian lashes, and the latter for my also mildly sparse eyebrows.

I originally got these off a really good deal on Althea- they were only PHP40 at the time that they were first introduced to the public, but now they go for 8 times the price at PHP320. Overall not a bad price, but if you compare it to how much I got it for-no match!

Product Name Rating + & – Points


Pure Smile Choosy Lip Mask (Peach)

ratingsystem_35 + quick fix, really makes your lips very smooth and supple

 i observed that the effects aren’t very long lasting, after 2 days my lips a bit dry again

The Pure Smile was actually one of the items that I placed in my bag first- since I’ve been searching for a lip mask for a while now. My lips got very dry and wind burnt after coming home from China last December so I needed to find a way to remedy and repair my lips. The product itself is a single use gel mask for your lips, and if you keep it on for 15-20 minutes, it leaves your lips smooth and moisturized which I really liked. The downside however is that the effect doesn’t last as long as I thought it would–but for PHP40 it was pretty worth it anyway.

Product Name Rating + & – Points

Petitfee Oil Blossom Lip Mask

ratingsystem_45 + a lot of product, the consistency is good, keeps your lips smooth for a very long time

 it’s a bit awkward to keep it on your lips then wipe it off the next morning

This is another product that I tried out for my lips! Initially I wasn’t intending on getting this product, but my mom said that I should try this one out as well. Based on my observations from the times that I have used this product though, her judgement was right! The product is a really good solution for dry lips-although you will have to bear with having a layer of product on your lips when you go to sleep. Other than that though, the product is great-you can use a little product and it will go a long, long way.

Product Name Rating + & – Points

Aqua Blossom Whitening OLED Cream

ratingsystem_45 + a lot of product, really brightens the skin almost instantly, product isn’t sticky

Last but not the least, is the OLED cream from Jill2 / Aqua Blossom! This is another product that my mom actually chose and so I just tagged along and got one as well. I’ve only used this product once or twice so far, but from what I’ve observed, the cream has visible and almost instant results when you apply it. I still have yet to observe it’s long term effects, but as of now I’m very satisfied with this product!

All in all this box was a huge steal for me (especially because of the eyebrow care serum) so I’m hoping that my future boxes will be as good as this one!

Let me know if you find any good deals and products that you’d like to recommend as well.