10 things you may or may not have known about me

Hi everyone!

Time flies so quickly-suddenly it’s already the second month of the year, February! It’s been almost 2 months since I started my blog but I haven’t gotten around to introducing myself.

Although this post may be a bit overdue-here are 10 things that you may or may not already know about me!

One: I graduated a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a Major in Information Design 


My support system for 4 years: Block E3


Receiving my diploma on graduation day!

Ever since my high school days, I had an affinity for anything related to arts. Initially, I was considering becoming an architect or an interior designer but luckily I found a course in my university called Information Design!

Fast forward. Although I did want to shift courses right before starting my final year in college, I decided to stick to what I had been doing for the past couple of years. The main reason (for sticking to my course and not shifting) being that I wanted to graduate on time. Luckily I had the greatest support system in the form of my blockmates (++ friends & parents) who helped me get through the rough patches in our course.

Fun fact: During my graduation ceremony, I forgot to follow the standard procedure after receiving the diploma and just darted off the stage without bowing to the audience… heh.

Two: I cannot and will not eat cucumbers

Some people may not share the same sentiments I have regarding cucumbers, but to me the cucumber is a vegetable that either belongs on your eyes as a part of your beauty regimen or as a ingredient in a lotion. There’s just something about the taste of the cucumber that is so pungent and strong + the texture is a bit strange so I simply cannot appreciate as food like other people do.

Three: I love (asian) yogurt drinks and can drink 5 bottles all at once


…told you I could do it!

Asian yogurt drinks are my favorite! I love them and would probably prefer them over most drinks (ex. Iced tea, soft drinks, etc.) On a regular basis, our family buys about 3 to 4 packs of yogurt drink bi-weekly. In total, that’s 15 to 20 bottles of yogurt drink in the span of 14 days and most of it goes to me! When traveling to other countries like Korea or Japan, I always make sure to try out the many different variations of their yogurt drink.

I’m especially thankful that we now have 500ml asian yogurt drinks in the Philippines thanks to 7-11, because these used to only be available in  other asian countries. I also can and have tried drinking all five bottles in one pack in one sitting, but I’ve also tried and proven that I can drink from all five bottles at once-given that there are enough straws for it.

Four: I studied for one whole semester in South Korea



Each university in Korea has a varsity jacket similar to this one!

In the spring of 2015, I was blessed to have the opportunity to study abroad through my university (Ateneo de Manila University)’s Junior Term Abroad program. Basically, it’s a program that allows students to spend a semester in one of the partner universities and have the classes taken credited fully towards their major. (Side note: classes are only credited if there are equivalent classes in the home university)

That being said, I took one semester in one of South Korea’s top universities: Sogang University under the university’s Global Korean Studies and Art & Technology departments. Luckily almost all of my classes were credited, and I had a wonderful time within that short span of time.

Pretty soon I’m going to write a post about the things I miss about Korea so stay tuned!

Five: I used to be a student manager for my university’s Basketball Team

12002312_1132924260069543_3112345450028428899_n12122964_1149165581778744_2540393171472270934_nI have been a big supporter of the Ateneo Mens’ Basketball team since…well forever. My parents have been passionate and avid supporters of the team ever since and as a child, I would watch UAAP (University Athletic Association of the Philippines) games live (+ cry if my favorite team would lose).

That being said, years later when the opportunity to become manager of one of the basketball teams (Glory B, Ateneo’s training pool for mens basketball) came knocking at my door, I immediately grabbed it. We bagged a championship in the year that my co-managers and I managed Glory B, then we were moved to manage Ateneo’s Mens Basketball team. I managed for 2 and a half years, and served for two UAAP seasons.

It was a good run, overall and I will always hold basketball + the team close to my heart.

Six: I have a resting b*tch face05300005

I’ve had a lot of people ask me “are you okay?” or “did something happen?” when they would bump into or cross paths with me-especially while I was still in school. Usually there’s never really anything wrong, it’s either that I’m tired, sleepy, or just observing my surroundings. Apparently I get it from my mom because she has it too, but I promise-9/10 times there’s never really anything wrong and no, I’m not mad… it’s just the way my face looks when it’s in its resting form.

Seven: I used to play for my school’s badminton team

img_1714I started playing badminton in between third and fourth grade for fun, tried out for the school varsity team about half a year after, and luckily got in. My stint in the school badminton team lasted for about 5 or 6 years. I trained everyday, competed in inter-school, inter-city, and private tournaments just like every other athlete did.

I quit however, in high school because of some disagreements within the team and to focus on my studies but I still play for fun from time to time.

Eight: Traveling and taking pictures are my two most favorite hobbies12038594_10154647177329947_2715312366510870634_o.jpg

I have a very strong sense of wanderlust so I made a vow to myself to travel at least once a year (to keep my sanity) for leisure–and to always have my camera ready with me. The place doesn’t usually matter, it doesn’t have to be too far (although I usually prefer going out of the country for a change in weather) as long as there is a change in scenery involved.

Though, in the age of smartphones, I still believe that taking pictures with an actual camera (whether it be a DSLR, Mirrorless, etc.) brings photographs to a whole different level. So despite how sharp and advanced settings can be on smartphone cameras nowadays, I still prefer taking my photos with an actual camera whenever possible.

Nine: Prior to my current work as a graphic designer, I worked as a ESL (English as a Second Language) Teacher


Birthday surprise from my students


Uiduk University, Group A (Summer 2016)

Although it was a camp-based job, I worked as an English teacher for The Study right after graduating from college. I taught TOEIC and Functional Grammar classes to a group of 13 Korean students from Uiduk University. They all majored in different things, but came to the Philippines to learn English.

Most of them were actually around my age (give or take two years), so I was able to understand and bond with them better.

Furthermore, I knew their language so it was easier to communicate with them. Over the span of a month, I not only taught them, but I also gained many things from my students.

I also learned to appreciate teaching as a profession and would definitely want to teach again in the future-there was just something about it that felt so fulfilling.

Ten: I only learned to do my eyebrows after my second year in college

Interestingly enough, my eyebrows…were tragic to say the least prior to finishing my second year in college. To be honest, until a friend told me that she wanted to help me fix my eyebrows I never thought that there was anything wrong with them. (I’m still forever grateful)

Long story short, she helped me to learn how to draw and shape my eyebrows…although it still took a lot of practice to get them where they are today!

With all that being said, what are the ten things that some people may or may not know about you?

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