Breakfast Runs: Sopoong Food House

Hi again!

Finally I get to talk about one of my favorite topics, food! Let’s face it though, who doesn’t love food? This week I’ll be talking about my morning food-ventures a.k.a my breakfast runs!

As you all know, I arrive at the office pretty early on a usual basis (that’s around 7am). However, because of the fact that I just rush out without eating breakfast at home I always get to the office on an empty stomach. Initially, I didn’t think that breakfast was very important-in fact I used to skip it very often. Thankfully I had friends who arrived just as early to convince me to make sure I eat “the most important meal of the day” and to accompany on my early morning food-ventures!


The Breakfast Club 2.0 (l-r: Anna, David, Janelle, Korina, Jian, and of course–me!)

It started out as a quest to find good coffee places around our office area (Ortigas Center) but it slowly evolved into a quest to find good and cheap food. On a normal basis, we try to spend only PHP100-150 for our food unless it’s our splurge day a.k.a.when our pay arrives.

After pretty much getting sick of of McDonalds iced coffee, Starbucks, and convenience store coffee-we decided to try out the breakfast at a Korean food house in the area.


what we ordered another time-french toast sets (PHP79 each) and sopoong ramyun (PHP99)

The place is called Sopoong Food House and is located at the corner of Emerald Avenue (also called F. Ortigas Road) and Garnet Road. The name comes from the Korean word so-poong (소풍) which means picnic or excursion. The tagline of this food house is actually “소풍가자! (so-poong ga-ja)” which means “Let’s go on a picnic!”

We actually go to this food house frequently to buy our lunch, but more recently we had the chance to try out their breakfast options!


French toast + coffee set

Now on to the food–most of us ordered what Sopoong calls their French Toast set, which was recommended by David. To be honest, while looking at the pictures in the menu of what Sopoong claims to be their “french toast” I was very hesitant about ordering this menu item.

To start, it looks nothing like the french toast that I’m used to. It’s two pieces of toasted sliced bread with an omelette and mayonnaise in between. The omelette has vegetables: lettuce and carrots among others that are quite unidentifiable. It sounds like a very odd combination (some of my officemates can attest to this), but when you take a bite of this toast you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

The bread definitely tastes like a french toast would–there is a certain sweetness to it that takes you by surprise, because it looks just like your ordinary sliced bread. The omelette + mayonnaise in between, oddly enough goes well with the sweet tasting bread. It’s a wonderful blend of sweet and salty, which is such a great plus for me because I can’t consider a meal complete without getting a bit of both. By the way, the set includes brewed coffee and you have the option of having it either mild or strong, just tell your server!

The entire thing is also very filling-Anna and Janelle usually end up eating only half of the entire thing before having it wrapped up and taking it back to our office.


Actual brewed (and not instant coffee) that comes with the set

The only minus / negative point is that because they grill the bread with butter, your fingers can become very greasy while eating it.

However, for PHP79 a set this is definitely worth a try! It’s a much healthier option than the usual morning fare at your fast food joint, and the serving time is relatively fast as well!

Also, if you don’t particularly feel like having brewed coffee, there is also the option to get the french toast alone for only PHP59!

Stay tuned for where I’ll be headed for my next breakfast run, since I’ll be turning this into a mini-series of posts!

Sopoong Food House is located at Ground Floor, Grand Emerald Tower, F. Ortigas Jr. Road cor. Garnet Road, Pasig City, 1600 Metro Manila

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