Breakfast Runs: Mr. Park’s Bread and Cake

Hi again!

This week I’ve returned with another of my breakfast runs! If in my last post I talked about a small Korean food house along Emerald Avenue, this time around I visited a Korean pastry cafe in the same area!

After buying from The Breadery in Ortigas (which I will blog about at a later time) on several different occasions, my friends and I began searching for other places to buy gourmet bread at cheaper prices. On one of our usual walks to find a place to eat, we found and decided to try out Mr. Park’s Bread and Cake!

Upon entering the pastry and bread cafe, we were greeted by the delicious smell of freshly baked bread. Mr. Park’ reminded me a lot of the “bread houses” / bakeries that I used to frequent in Korea: Paris Baguette and Tous Les Jours. The atmosphere, displays, and even types of bread that they served were similar to those that I frequented whenever I would visit Korea.

IMG_7142Mr. Park’s serves a variety of sweet and savory breads and pastries. Among some of the bread types that we’ve tried so far are the following:

  • The Garlic Naan Bread –  a flatbread with toasted garlic and cheese bread (one of our favorites)
  • Chocochip Danish – a sweet, flaky, and crispy pastry with semi-sweet chocolate chips at the center of the pastry
  • Pizza Tortilla – similar to a pizza wrap, tomato sauce, meats, and cheese wrapped up in a tortilla
  • Cheese Baguette – self-explanatory, a baguette with melted cheese on top!

IMG_7143Apart from pastries and bread, Mr. Park’s also serves adorably decorated cakes (pictured above in the main banner), lunch, and coffee!

For a long time, I was always on the lookout for an Americano that tastes similar to those served in Korea. Koreans are a big big fan of Americanos-at first I didn’t understand why since in the Philippines, Americanos can be very bitter and leave a very strong impression on your tastebuds (well, at least the ones that I’ve tried). Moreover, in the Philippines, if you are caught unaware and do not request it from your barista, you might be on the receiving end of an unsweetened Americano.

It may be because it’s a Korean pastry shop, but Mr. Park’s Iced Americano is the closest to that of the ones I tasted in Korea! I was so thankful to have finally found something similar, so now I can enjoy a nice and cool Americano when I feel like it. What’s even better is that their prices are generally lower than other coffee shops in the area; cups range from PHP80 for the Americano up to PHP120 for their Caramel Macchiato. The pastries are inexpensive as well, so your normal bill would be around PHP120 to PHP160 for both a drink and a pastry…which isn’t bad at all!


Mr Park’s Bread and Cake is located at Ground Floor, Eton Emerald Lofts, Garnet Road cor. F. Ortigas Jr. Road, Pasig City, 1600 Metro Manila

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