Review: Nella Fantasia Honey Snail Ultra Moisturising Cream

Hi again, everyone!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to blog last week because I caught a terrible flu, but I’m all better now and back with another beauty post this week!

We’re halfway into March, so I thought it would be great to do a review post for one of the products that I purchased and received along with the rest of my haul from late last month. Among the products that I purchased from my last haul, this is one of the ones that I use most frequently…which is why I chose to create this review for this week’s post!



As you can see, the pot is quite large (in comparison to my hand) because it’s actually 100 grams!

So the product that will be featured in today’s review is Nella Fantasia‘s Honey Snail Ultra Moisturising Cream! As mentioned previously, I purchased this cream from for PHP440 (that’s around USD11 or 11,000 in KRW) which is not a bad price for a snail cream. Interestingly, this product is one of the products on the site that has an additional 30% discount this month so I’m considering if I should buy another tub as a spare…hehe.

First, here’s a little more about this product as explained on the box.

The cream contains snail slime (mucin) extracts which help the skin in the following ways:

  • Revitalize and restore skin cells
  • Nourish the skin to make it moist and elastic, making the skin smooth and shiny

The product also contains other skin restoring ingredients such as:

  • Active adenosine to lift and reduce wrinkling
  • Honey that helps the skin absorb moisture, vitamins, and nutrients
  • Shea butter and Macadamia seed oil to aid the skin in forming a protective barrier and help in moisture retention

That being said, it’s time for my evaluation of the product!

Value for Money ratingsystem_45

At PHP440 for 100 grams of product, and considering the fact that it’s made of snail slime extract (which is generally a more expensive line of products if you check other Korean beauty stores such as the Face Shop, Nature Republic, etc.) this product is almost a steal. Granted, it’s a bit more expensive than some of the other moisturizers in the local market, but if you’re willing to set aside money, the 100 grams will go a long way!

Quality of the Product ratingsystem_4


The product has a thick, creamy consistency, and it isn’t runny which is why this product earns plus points for me. This just means that you won’t use up a lot of the product in one go. The product is a bit sticky however (as seen in the picture above), which is why I can’t give it full marks!

Post-application feel ratingsystem_35


The product itself, when applied on the skin forms a thin layer on your skin. It doesn’t dry as quickly as other moisturizing creams-usually when I apply this cream, it takes around 3-5 minutes (sometimes even more) for it to fully dry up on my face. Typically I use this cream at night, so the drying time doesn’t bother me as much, but it may be a pain if you try to use this cream in the day time. The cream is also a bit sticky, so it’s very very important to let it dry fully. However, it makes your skin really really soft and bouncy, which I love!

Overall ratingsystem_4

Overall, I think that the Nella Fantasia Honey Snail Ultra Moisturizing Cream  is a product worth trying out at least once. It’s got a good value for money, and will last you a long time while keeping your skin smooth and bouncy. I’ve been using this product for a couple of weeks now and it’s really helped with the dry spots on my face.

You can buy and try the Honey Snail Ultra Moisture Cream for yourself here on Additionally, if you’ve already bought this product, let me know what you think of it as well!

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