L’Epicerie: Sofitel Philippine Plaza

Hello again!

Suddenly one fourth of the year 2017 has passed by so quickly!

Last Wednesday, I had the privilege of dining Sofitel Philippine Plaza’s Spiral Buffet, which is one of the most diverse (and in my opinion, one of the yummiest) buffets in the metro! It is home to 21 different ateliers, and this week I’ll be talking about one of my favorite ateliers in Spiral.


L’Epicerie, more commonly called The Cheese Room is Spiral’s collection of cheeses and cured meats from various parts of the world. Though most of their cheeses and meats come from parts of Europe such as Germany, Italy, Spain, etc. they also have a collection of local cheeses! For a cheese lover like me, L’Epicerie is nothing short of heaven.

From sharp to soft in texture, and made from various kinds of milk, many different types of cheeses can be found within the small enclosure that is The Cheese Room. Some of the types of cheeses that were on display were the following:


  • Liquor-soaked / washed cheeses – These are cheeses that are aged and fermented using wine and other forms of alcohol, and therefore have very pungent tastes. Some of the cheeses that were available during the time were the Calva d’Auge (French Camembert cheese soaked in Calvados brandy), and Livarot (Normandy cow cheese, brined). According to the chef that was in the room during the time that I went, not very many buffet-goers are inclined to take these strong-flavored cheeses.


  • Sheep milk cheeses – As the category suggests, these cheeses are those that are made from pasteurized and unpasteurized sheep’s milk. Some of the sheep milk cheeses that could be found in The Cheese Room that were available for tasting were the Ossau-iraty (French semi-hard cheese), Gouda (Dutch semi-hard cheese, may also be made from cow or goat’s milk), Manchego (Spanish semi-soft cheese), Pecorino (Italian hard cheese).


  • Cow milk cheeses –  Some of the most famous and most common cheeses are those under the category of cow milk cheeses. Among the selection were the Grana Padano (Italian hard cheese made from semi-skimmed milk), Gorgonzola (Italian soft, blue veined cheese), Gruyere (Swiss hard cheese), Provolone (Italian semi-hard cheese), Comte (French semi-hard cheese), Tomme de Savoie (French semi-soft cheese made from unpasteurized milk)


  • Locally made cheeses – L’Epicerie proudly features several locally made cheese varieties from Philippine cheesemaker and owner of Davao-based Malagos Farm House, Olive Puntespina. The Malagos cheeses that were made available to us were the goat cheeses (the Chevre and the Blue Goat Cheese), Blush (cow milk blue cheese), and the Queso Rustico (semi-soft cow cheese)

Although I am a fan of most of the cheeses that can be found in the room, some of my favorite cheeses were of course, the ManchegoGoudaGruyere, and Comte that worked great with the honey (that could also be found in the room) and a glass of one of our favorite moscatos, the Chateau del Poggio.

Overall, The Cheese Room at Spiral is definitely one of the go-to places for all my cheese cravings. I could probably (and would absolutely love) to spend the entire day here, just feasting on all the cheese that they have to offer (though my stomach may not agree)!

L’Epicerie can be found at the Spiral Buffet, Sofitel Philippine Plaza CCP Complex Roxas Blvd Brgy. 76, Pasay, 1300 Metro Manila

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