Holy Grail Products: CosRx Pimple Clear Pads

Hi everyone!

After a week off of my blogging schedule, I’m back with a new post. The past few weeks + Holy Week kept me busy, which is why I was unable to post anything last week…but hopefully everything will get back into a regular flow / routine from here on out!

Although in my last post I promised that I would get to swatching and reviewing some of the products from my lippie collection, this week’s post will be about one of my favorite / Holy Grail products!

This post’s featured “Holy Grail” product is COSRX’s One Step Pimple Clear Pads!

Initially, I found out about this product because it was recommended by my good friend Becca, who lives in Korea. She first tried it after it was featured by several Korean beauty creators / YouTubers who claimed that the pads were an 인생템 (in-saeng-tem, short for “life item”) or a “life must-have.”

The One Step Pimple Clear Pads are designed not only to deal with troublesome acne, but according to the ingredient information, it also contains natural BHA and whitewillow bark tree extract that are designed to control sebum, unclog pores, remove wastes, and correct uneven skin tones. Just reading about it made me excited, because I myself am troubled with the oilier portions of my face–particularly my T-zone.



When I first purchased this product, I thought about it and debated a lot with myself if it would be worth it, considering that it was a bit pricey (PHP1000 on Althea.kr) as compared to other acne solutions in the market. However, when a promo came along, I didn’t hesitate to purchase one jar and try it out for myself!

The packaging is very cute, I adore COSRx’s strange and quirky character, Mr. Rx. Thankfully the jar is foil sealed when you first open it, and from experience, the pads don’t dry up easily even after opening it. I’ve had my first jar open (not literally open, but I’ve broken the foil seal protecting the pads) for around 2-3 months already, yet the pads are still moist.


the embossed side of the pad

There are 70 pads in a jar, and for each pad, there is an embossed side and a smooth side. Although in the beginning it may be tricky separating one sheet / pad from the rest, but this helps the pads retain moisture and prevent them from drying out quickly.

Based on my experience, to achieve “optimal results,” I recommend using one pad per day.

Here’s a step-by-step process of how I use the COSRx pads on a daily basis!

  1. First take the embossed side of the pad and wipe it all over your face gently – the embossed side of the pad helps in cleansing pores and removing wastes like oil / sebum, and even make-up from the skin. An additional plus point for this product that despite it being an oil control product, it doesn’t seem to be harmful or drying to the skin. It’s been keeping my skin moisturized so far!
  2. Take the soft side of the pad and wipe it again all over your face – the soft side on the other hand helps to keep your skin dense and remove the remaining traces of sebum / oil on the surface.
  3. Leave the soft side of the pad on trouble areas (acne-ridden, oily, etc.) – as a personal preference, I like to leave the pad on a certain area on my skin that I find to be troublesome (usually these are the single / small patches of acne that can usually be found by my cheek and on the side of my face. This helps the area absorb the product better.



bare face (save for eyebrow tint) + my cosrx jar

…and there you have it!

My skin has cleared up a whole lot thanks to this product, and now it’s helping me lighten and improve the uneven skin tone left by my old acne scars.

I definitely swear by this product, and will repurchase it soon (though I already have a spare jar for when my first jar runs out)!

Watch out for more of my “Holy Grail” / must-have skin care and make-up products within the next coming weeks!

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