Life Updates: My first week with prescription eyeglasses

Hello, hello, everyone!

Last May 14, I visited Owndays, an optical shop from Japan that recently opened a new branch in Uptown Mall, Bonifacio Global City. Initially, I meant to only buy PC lenses (without any prescription) to help me filter the blue light that comes from gadgets and monitors while I’m at work.

However, I had my eyes checked by an optometrist anyway, just out of curiosity. Unfortunately, I found out that my prescription (formerly 0.00 for both my left and right eyes) is now -0.25 in my left eye, and so now I need eyeglasses to (hopefully) correct that.


Owndays offers two products: frames (from various Japanese frame crafters), and a lens replacement service. If you avail of the frames, the prices range from PHP1990 to PHP 6990 and come packaged with ultra thin prescription lenses at no extra charge! They even place in the lenses for you within 20 minutes, so it’s very convenient. The same goes for their replacement lens service, you can bring in your own frames and have the lenses either placed or replaced for PHP2990.

Here is a price matrix for both the frames and lenses to help compare the prices for both products:

Owndays Frame Lens Replacement
Ultra-thin lenses

  • UV Coating
  • Soil-Resistant Coating
  • Refractive Index 1.60
Price of frame (PHP1990 to PHP6990) PHP2990
Ultra-thin progressive lenses

  • UV Coating
  • Soil-Resistant Coating
  • Refractive Index 1.67
Price of frame (PHP1990 to PHP6990) + PHP5000 PHP7990
Transition lenses

  • Transition Lenses (change the colour of the lenses due to the amount of UV rays)
  • Refractive Index: 1.55
Price of frame (PHP1990 to PHP6990) + PHP5000 PHP7990
Color lenses

  • UV Coating
  • Soil-Resistant Coating
  • Refractive Index 1.60
Price of frame (PHP1990 to PHP6990) + PHP5000 PHP7990
PC lenses

  • Filter blue light rays from gadgets
Price of frame (PHP1990 to PHP6990) + PHP5000 PHP7990


So the frame I purchased from Owndays’ Uptown Mall BGC branch comes from the Owndays Fuwa Cellu collection! The frames, according to Owndays Philippines’ website are:

Soft as a feather, light as the air. FUWA CELLU frames are light and flexible, also tough against shocks. Simple and clear, colorful and feminine designs. “TR-90”, the new material of 21st century, is a safe material which is developed for medical equipment.

Though there are a lot of frames available online and in-store, I got these for the their color and weight. Since I haven’t worn glasses before (save for the times when I tried to wear them for fashion’s sake, which I now regret), it was important for me to purchase lightweight frames.

…and true to their promise, I got my frames in less than 20 minutes! The Owndays staff were very helpful and friendly, and I also got a coupon for a PHP500 discount on my next pair of frames.


a couple of pictures of me with my new glasses 

The new glasses will definitely take a bit of time to get used to, since I can still see pretty clearly without them, my vision just becomes even clearer if I wear them. Hopefully there will be a time that I won’t need them but until then…

You can find Owndays online at this link.

They also have branches in the following malls:

  • Estancia Mall (Pasig)
  • Glorietta 2 (Makati)
  • Festival Mall (Alabang)
  • Robinsons Place Manila
  • UP Town Center (Quezon City)
  • The Landmark
    • Makati
    • Trinoma (Quezon City)
  • Shangri-la Plaza (Mandaluyong)
  • Robinsons Galleria (Ortigas)
  • SM City East Ortigas (Pasig)


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