Unboxing: Althea’s Birthday Party Box!

Hello, hello everyone!

It's been quite some time since I've done an unboxing post for the blog (though that doesn't actually mean that I stopped ordering online). One of my favorite online Korean make-up marketplaces, Althea turned two a couple of weeks back so they have a couple of promos going on all month long.

One of the many promos is a signature and special edition Althea box–the Birthday Party BoxMany of you may already know this, but Althea comes up with special, themed boxes with huge discounts!

The Birthday Party Box in particular, costs PHP1430 (around 30USD) but the actual estimated cost for all the products in the box comes up to around PHP5670 (around 112USD). In total, that's a PHP4240 (82USD) discount, so that means I only paid for 25% of the total price of all of the contents–what a steal! 

My mom and I actually ordered a box each since it was so cheap, so there's no need for us to split or share the makeup between the both of us.

So, what's in this Althea Birthday Party Box?


There are a total of 7 products coming from various Korean skincare brands–the most famous ones being Son&Park, Holika Holika, and VDL. Everything in this box is actually enough to complete your basic daily makeup, so in my opinion it's one of the better boxes that Althea has crafted so far!

IMG_8418.pngThe first of the 7 products I'll be featuring is actually the only skincare product contained in the box–the My Beauty Red Ginseng Hydrogel Mask (PHP93 each)! This mask is to be used before applying all of the other make up products in the box, to keep skin moisturized and to protect it from other elements. According to Althea's product description, the mask contains red ginseng, which "has a high concentration of antioxidants, and helps protect and rejuvenate the skin." Using this is supposed to keep your stress at bay by 1) moisturizing your skin, and 2) preventing your make up from caking midday.


The second product in the box is the base makeup, the Secret Key Finish Up Blemish Balm Cream (PHP550 on Lazada). So according to the product description on Korean websites, this BB cream is supposed to have the following special features: zero darkening, brighter skin tone, natural coverage, and a matte-finish. Personally, I haven't tried out any of the makeup products of Secret Key, but they seem to show some promise based on reviews found on other online Korean makeup marketplaces. I have other base makeup products that I have yet to try, but I will definitely get to trying this product out soon!


Next in line is the 3D Face Lovely Stick from W.Lab in Pink Chou Cream (PHP600). The color is described as a "soft baby pink color that is like a mix of strawberries and cream puffs." It's my first cream / stick type blusher so I'm excited to try and see what benefits this particular product has versus powder-type blush. The color is pretty light, so I don't know what type of effect it will have on darker-toned skin, but it seems perfect for fairer skin!


Fourth is one of the more expensive products within the box, but it looks completely worth the whole PHP1430 that I paid–the Son & Park All That Shadow Kit! This currently is not available individually on Althea, but it retails for around PHP1770 to 2000 (35 to 38 USD) on SokoGlam and other foreign beauty websites. Just this product alone made the entire box completely worth it! I can't wait to try it out, because the colors are perfect for daily use, and you can use some shades as a highlighter (#2), eyebrow powder (#5 &6), and eyeliner (#6).


Fifth and sixth on the list are the Holika Holika Wonder Drawing 24-hour Eyeliner (PHP200) and the RiRe Luxe Long Lasting Eye Fixer (PHP350 to 400 on YesStyle).

The eyeliner is from a notable brand, Holika Holika, but the reviews that I've seen so far are mixed. According to what I've read, the staying power is pretty true to it's promise, it is long lasting. However, the down side is supposedly that the product does not apply smoothly and can be quite difficult, which is not too good for your eyelids.

The Eye Fixer, on the other hand, I have not read any reviews so far about it, but it is supposed to be an all-in-one fixer for all your eye products (eyebrow makeup, eyeliner, and eyeshadow). It should prevent transfer, running, and blotting. It also has vitamin E, honey, and collagen to keep the skin of your eyes hydrated and moisturized.


Last, but definitely not the least is the VDL Expert Color Lip Cube (PHP1500 or 30 USD) in the color Miss Right (Pinkish Red, close to a hot pink). VDL boasts that this is one of their premiere lip products, and it has the following features:

  1. Excellent texture – the formula should melt on your lips, with a little bit of a glossy finish
  2. Extreme edge – the design of the lipstick is engineered to help reach the more hard to reach corners of your lips for "defined lip tails and voluminous lips"
  3. Extra long wear – the formula is said to last 6 hours and the color is said to stay for 12 hours, but I still have to verify this (versus food and oil)
  4. Excess Treatment Rich and SPF10 – the formula is said to have both anti-aging and mild UV protection so it's both makeup and skin care at the same time.

Greatest Deals & What I'm most excited to try:

So among all the products that are in this box, the products that I'm most excited to try are the Son & Park All That Shadow Kit, and the VDL Expert Color Lip Cube. My lips are a bit sensitive (especially to certain formulas), so I'm curious to see how the Expert Color Lip Cube will go, and what kind of effect it will have on my lips. For the All That Shadow Kit, I'm most excited about it, because this was the primary reason why I bought the box in the first place, and I'm very very excited to see how the colors come out, and if the color pay-off is any good as compared to the other eyeshadow formulas that I've tried.

I would definitely recommend ordering this box if you want to get started or are just learning how to make use of make up, so order this box while you still can! ☺

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