Review: Etude House Play Color Eyes Wine Party Palette (에뛰드하우스 플레이 컬러 아이즈 와인 파티 팔레트)

Hello all!

I’m back with another Korea-related post this week! However, rather than a travel or food-related post, this week’s post will be another one of my beauty posts!

Similar to last week’s post, I’ll be reviewing another eyeshadow palette that I copped while on my two week trip to South Korea–Etude House‘s Play Color Eyes Wine Party!


This is the last of the 3 palettes that I purchased (all of which are from Etude House, by the way) during the trip. Initially, Yuki and I were only set to purchase two of Etude House’s Play Color Eyes palettes–In The Cafe and Cherry Blossom, which I’ll be reviewing in my upcoming posts.

However, upon hearing the news that the beauty giant released a new eyeshadow palette during the time that we were in Korea, we had to head over to a road shop to get our hands on one of these beauties.

The palette itself is the brand’s response to the upcoming fall season, as it is filled with browns, reds, and burgundies–similar to the colors of the leaves as they drop from the trees. The shades are also reminiscent of deep and rich wines, bubbly champagne, and mouth-watering cheeses.

Packaging & Colors

The packaging of the Wine Party palette is identical to that of the previous Play Color Eyes palettes that Etude House produced thus far–the shape is similar to that of a chocolate bar, which makes it sleek and perfect for on-the-go use. This palette is about half the size of the Zoeva Cocoa Blend palette, for the same number of shades.

Design-wise, it’s pretty straightforward. The top of the palette is decorated with wine party related images–wine bottles, champagne flutes, cheeses, grapes, and glasses. The color of the palette is in line with the “hero” color of the palette–burgundy!


l – r: camembert and brie cheese, the last leaf, aged oak barrel, wine cork, rose sparkling holic, finishing a marathon, strong wine burgundy, where are you my soulmate?, dress code: bling, elegant bordeaux wine

Similar to the two other Etude House palettes that I purchased, all the eyeshadow shades that are found within the Wine Party palette are 100% usable, for both day and night looks. Etude House introduced 6 new eyeshadow shades upon the release of this palette. Here are the official descriptions for each:


  1. Camembert and Brie Cheese – a white and pink-toned matte shadow that is perfect for correcting eye tones and as a base color
  2. Aged Oak Barrel – a matte brown shadow that will help shape one’s eyes
  3. Wine Cork – a neutral brown / beige shadow that matches any tone and color (of skin)
  4. Rose Sparkling Holic – a soft as silk and shimmery pink gold pearl shadow (this shade has multicolored micro-glitters that change color depending on the light)
  5. Dress Code: Bling – a lovely, sparkling gold glitter shadow that draws attention to your eyes
  6. Elegant Bordeaux Wine – a mysterious and elegant purple shade that gives your eyes a striking effect

Personally, out of all of the new shades, I adore the Rose Sparkling Holic for its multifaceted glitter, and Aged Oak Barrel  because it’s one of those “perfect everyday shades.”

I use Aged Oak Barrel, Wine Cork, Rose Sparkling Holic, and Finishing A Marathon for my daily looks, but when I have an event or am planning to go out for dinner, I rely on an additional three shades: The Last Leaf, Strong Wine Burgundy, and Where Are You, My Soulmate heavily.


IMG_2810AIn comparison to the Zoeva palette that I reviewed last week, this palette and it’s shadows are less pigmented than those found in the Cocoa Blend palette.

The darker shades are pigmented, but the lighter counterparts require me to swish my brush more into the product before the color fully appears on my eyelid.

However, I will say that the deeper and darker shades are slightly more pigmented than the ones I find in my Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. The red and burgundy shades are ones that have to be handled with care, because similarly to Freshly Toased in the Zoeva Cocoa Blend palette, a heavy hand during application can lead to you looking like you have a bruised eye.

One can be heavier with the hand when dealing with the lighter shades (both matte and glitter), but keep a lighter hand as you move down the right side of the palette.


IMG_2784So far, there is minimum fallout for all of the shades contained within this eyeshadow palette. Even the glitter shades like The Last Leaf, Rose Sparkling Holic, Finishing A Marathon, Strong Wine Burgundy, and Dress Code: Bling do not fallout as much as I would have expected.

However Rose Sparkling Holic, based on my observations seems not to have the least fallout among the glitter shadows, but that might be because it isn’t as pigmented as the other glitter shades found in the palette.

Staying Power

I rotate this palette with the Etude House In The Cafe and the Zoeva Cocoa Blend on regular work days, so I’ve been able to test this palette’s staying power throughout an 9 to 10 hour work day. So far, I find that it stays put for the entire 9 to 10 hours, and even longer so long as I don’t make an attempt to erase or rub it off.

Much like the Zoeva palette, this palette’s biggest enemy is the human touch. Natural sebum doesn’t really affect it as much as I thought it would, since certain parts of my face are quite oily but it doesn’t really budge at all!



l-r: look from the right side, up close, and from a far

Basically, I went with my gut feel while creating this look. The colors I used are the following: Aged Oak Barrel, Wine Cork, Rose Sparkling Holic, Finishing A Marathon, Strong Wine Burgundy, and Where Are You My Soulmate?

For those who would like a step-by-step to get this same look, here it is:

  1. Brush a mixture of Aged Oak Barrel and Wine Cork all over the lid (up to above the crease) as a base color
  2. With a flat or bullet-shaped eyeshadow brush, apply Strong Wine Burgundy lightly on the lid, focusing more on the outer two thirds of the eye
  3. Using the same bullet-shaped eyeshadow brush, apply Where Are You My Soulmate? to highlight and form the crease and a shadow on the outer corner of the eye (be careful that you don’t apply excessively or it will turn out like a bruised eye!)
  4. Then, brush Finishing A Marathon all over the center of your eye to give it that pop
  5. Dab a little bit of Rose Sparkling Holic beneath the eye (what Koreans call 애교살 ae-gyo sal) and at the inner corners to brighten
  6. Lastly, finish off with either black or brown eyeliner!

Much like the Zoeva Palette, I would recommend this and am looking to repurchase this palette if it’s still available by the time that I finish this palette off! The packaging is very convenient and the colors are all highly usable.

For the time being, the Play Color Eyes Wine Party eyeshadow palette can be ordered from the following websites:

Official Etude House Website (Korea) – 20USD or PHP1000+ (however, they don’t ship to the Philippines at the time being)

Amazon – 34USD or PHP1800 (excluding shipping to the Philippines)

Though Hopefully, the local franchise of Etude House will release and sell this palette as well, but they’re a bit later than their mother franchise in Korea.

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