Review: Mister Holmes Bakehouse Seoul (미스터 홈즈 베이크하우스 가로수길)


After two consecutive beauty-related posts, this week’s post will be about one of the more well-known bakeries (both locally and internationally) in Korea! This particular bakery has received a lot of fame not only for their delicious pastries, but also for their Instagram-worthy interior.

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse is a bakery / pastry house that was started in San Francisco by California native Aaron Cadell. They were made famous by their “cruffin” (croissant + muffin hybrids) and their quirky slogans such as “I got baked in ________,” “Kale Sucks,” and “I left my cruffin in ________.”

Currently, the bakehouse now has 6 locations: four spread out all over California (Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Orange County), and two in South Korea. While I was in Korea, I got the pleasure of visiting one of their locations in Seoul with my two friends–Yuki and Karina.


The three of us arrived after finishing our other food adventures (Mister Holmes was actually the last of our three food stops), and we had still not digested our lunch so we were unbelievably stuffed! In the end, we ended up ordering one of the Matcha Cruffins (Japanese Green Tea Cream Cruffins) as our dessert.


matcha cruffin (KRW6000 each)

True to it’s name, the cruffin is like the crazy carb-filled child of the croissant and the muffin. Although it appears and is similar in shape with the muffin (see how in the picture above the cruffin sits in it’s little muffin cup), it’s definitely more similar in likeness to the croissant.

Beginning from the crispy and flaky consistency of the pastry, to the buttery and sugary flavor, all the way up to the matcha filling at the center of the sweet treat, the cruffin screams croissant through and through. Sadly, the genes of the croissant are much stronger in this one. Sorry, muffin.

If you’re a fan of sweet things I would recommend that you eat the cruffin all by yourself, but if you’re like me and my friends it’s also a good idea to share the pastry or try one of their other less cloyingly sweet treats as well!

Of course, your other option is coffee.


Mister Holmes’s coffee menu

Generally, we found that the coffee at Mister Holmes Bakehouse is more expensive than regular cups of coffee in Seoul (price range of an Americano at franchise coffee shops is at KRW3000 to 3500 per cup, sometimes even cheaper), since they’ve priced their Americano at KRW4500 (PHP200).

Their tea on the other hand is around twice the price of the rest of the market, because they boast that their tea is artisan, just like their pastries. Moreover, the tea bags are made from organic tea leaves, which explains the jacked up price. However, their coffee and tea is made from Intelligentsia beans, which are single-origin, setting it apart from your usual franchise coffee brand.

Overall, I can safely say that their pastries are good, but whether or not it’s worth the hype, price, and the long walk–I’m not too certain.


Mister Holmes Bakehouse can be found at:

서울특별시 강남구 압구정로10길 34 (#34 Apgujeong-ro, 10-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul)

How to get there:

  1. Take subway line #3 to 신사역 (Sinsa Station), come out of exit #8
  2. Head straight down the road (passing 농협은행 / Nonghyup Bank), turn left at the second corner
  3. Turn right at the first corner, by the GS25
  4. Turn left again at the first corner, then head straight down the road (around 6 blocks)
  5. Mister Holmes Bakehouse can be found to your left!


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