Review: Etude House Play Color Eyes In The Cafe Palette (에뛰드하우스 플레이 컬러 아이즈 인 더 커페 팔레트)

Hello all!

I’m back with another Korea-related beauty post this week!

This week, I’ll be reviewing and revealing my take on one of my favorite products as of now–the Etude House Play Color Eyes In The Cafe palette! Recently I’ve been using it everyday, so I wanted to share my experience with the palette, and how I’ve been using the palette so far (ex. which shadows I use, and how I blend the colors together).


The In The Cafe palette is one of the original “themed” Play Color Eyes palettes, along with the Juice Bar palette. The palette was released together with the Juice Bar palette in Korea on January – February 2016.

Identically to the original and succeeding Play Color Eyes palettes, the In The Cafe palette consists of 10 eyeshadow shades, most of which are available as single Look at My Eyes shadows. As the name suggests, the palette consists of coffee and café related items and drinks, which is why it’s filled with lovely brown, beige, and nude colors that are perfect for everyday use.


Before Yuki and I arrived in Korea, we asked one of our close friends to purchase this palette for us. This is because for a period of time (some time in June or July 2017), Etude House went on sale and the In The Cafe palette was priced at KRW9,900 (around PHP500) so that was a huge opportunity that we just couldn’t miss out on since we were going to buy the palette anyway…


Among the 10 shades contained within the palette, here are a couple of my “frequently used” shades:



  1. Caramel Latte – a warm toned beige that is perfect for a base shadow; on the usual, I use this as a base color along with Café Latte
  2. Coconut on the Beach – a warm medium brown shadow that reminds us of a toasted coconut (or alternatively, the color of the coconut shell); I usually use this color with my everyday routine to highlight my crease and the outer third of my eye
  3. Takeout without Syrup – a warm toned medium brown shadow with gold and bronze glitters; usually this color brushed over the middle of the eye to bring emphasis
  4. Café Latte – this color is a cool beige tone that is also perfect for use as a base shadow; as mentioned previously, I like to mix this color with Caramel Latte to form my base color
  5. Grapefruit Marmalade – a warm peachy pink tone with relatively high pigmentation for a light color; although not used as frequently as the rest of the colors mentioned, I use this color for the center of my eye to give it a peach / pink tone when I’m not in the mood for just brown
  6. Peach Pepper Salt – peach-toned / champagne colored glitter shadow with white and gold micro-glitter

My top 2 shades from this specific palette would have to be Takeout with Syrup and Grapefruit Marmalade, because they’re both far more pigmented than all the other shadows within the palette, and because these are really really gorgeous shades that would be perfect for any occasion.


Here are three looks that I was able to create using the In The Cafe palette!

As you can see, the palette’s nude, brown, and bronze tones are perfect for everyday use (despite a couple of them having tremendous amounts of glitter in them). Although these are 3 different looks, the processes of the second and third looks are the same, the third just has an additional step!

For the first look, I used the following colors on certain areas of my eye:

  1. Coconut on beach: base
  2. Chocolate Latte: outer third, corner, crease
  3. Takeout without syrup: center of eye, eyelid

The second and third looks have a more detailed process to them, but these are lighter and more natural looks than the first.

  1. Sweep a mix of Cafe Latte and Caramel Latte all over the eyelid and close to the brow bone as a base color
  2. Use Coconut on beach to highlight and emphasize the crease, as well as the outer corner of both the upper and lower eyelids
  3. Use Takeout without syrup over the corner of the upper eyelid
  4. Brush (For look #2) Fall into my heart or (For look #3) Grapefruit Marmalade over the center of the eyelid to give it a bit of that “pop”


The Play Color Eyes In The Cafe palette can be purchased / found at the following websites: 

Official Etude House Website (Intl) – 14USD or PHP750 (excluding shipping to the Philippines

Rose Rose Shop – 15USD or PHP800 (excluding shipping to the Philippines)

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